Proposed Conversion Practices Bill

A Voice for Christian Education

Proposed Conversion Practices Bill

The NSW Government is proposing to introduce laws banning LGBTQ ‘conversion practices’ that may affect the way parents, teachers, chaplains and counsellors can provide best care options for young people.

AACS support laws that protect people from being forced to change their sexual orientation. Unfortunately, there are significant unintended consequences of the Government’s proposal.  

The full roll out of the reform package could criminalise a pastoral conversation that a teacher has with a young person who is struggling with questions about their gender identity or exploring their sexual orientation.

Executive Officer Vanessa Cheng has met with a number of NSW Government parliamentarians to discuss our concerns and remind them to deliver on the election commitments made to faith leaders in relation to these controversial laws, including:

AACS was invited to contribute to a consultation process for this bill and along with Adventist Schools, Christian Schools Australia and the Islamic Schools Association have provided a joint submission outlining our significant shared concerns.

We encourage all our NSW member schools to contact their local MP and share our concerns with this proposed law. 

You can send a message via the My Christian School website HERE.