NT Government Attacks Religious Schools

A Voice for Christian Education

NT Government Attacks Religious Schools

The Northern Territory Attorney-General, Hon Chansey Paech MLA, has introduced the Anti-Discrimination Bill 2022 into the NT Legislative Assembly which removes crucial exemptions that NT Christian Schools rely upon to employ Christian staff and maintain their distinctive faith-based educational ethos and character.

If this Bill is passed, the Northern Territory will be the only state or territory in the country that does not have protections for religious schools to hire religious staff!

AACS are disappointed that the NT Government has ignored our feedback during consultations and has decided instead to go ahead and repeal the Religious Educational Institutions Employment Exemption (s 37A) in addition to many other concerning changes to the Act.

There is not much time to amend the Bill as it is expected to be debated at the next sitting day on Tuesday 22 November. If you are concerned about this proposed change, please make urgent contact with your political representatives to make your views known. You can send also a quick message to the NT Government through our Campaigns page HERE and you can sign a petition HERE that will be tabled in the Assembly.

Download our Media Release HERE.