A Voice for Christian Education


10 February 2022 

The Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS) calls upon all Senators to reject amendments to the Human Rights Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 that will impact the ability of faith-based schools to teach their religious beliefs.

“Our sector has been completely mischaracterised and maligned by people who are opposed to real religious freedom,” said Executive Officer Ms Cheng, “we do not believe students should be expelled from a school simply on the basis of their identity - that has never been the position of our schools.”

“AACS does NOT support the wholesale removal of section 38(3) in the Sex Discrimination Act as this will fundamentally impact the ability of our schools to continue teaching our religious beliefs.”

“The amendments proposed by the ALP go too far and is a complete betrayal of the trust of faith leaders – this was never part of the religious discrimination religious package, nor was it recommended by the two parliamentary committees.”

“The last thing Australians want is for this issue to become another election issue – our communities deserve better. Protecting religious freedom as a fundamental human right and our schools must be able to teach their religious beliefs for there to be real religious freedom.” 


Media contact: 

Vanessa Cheng 
Executive Officer
0416 277 372 

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