Faith Based Tertiary Institutions seek CSP funding

A Voice for Christian Education

Faith Based Tertiary Institutions seek CSP funding

AACS, along with other faith colleges, schools and representative bodies, signed a Statement asking the Federal government to reallocate surplus commonwealth supported places (CSPs) to support innovative teacher training programmes in faith-based tertiary institutions.

AACS members such as St Philips Christian Education Foundation Ltd and Christian Education National have successfully implemented the “clinical hub” model of teacher training where schools recruit students locally, pay half their fees and guarantee them a day or two a week of paid internships. This gives them far more practical experience than many university courses, where about 20 to 30 days a year of classroom time is mandated.

Allocating these additional unused CSPs to independent and faith-based higher education providers will help address the teacher shortages through ensuring the sustainability of these at-risk critical teacher programs that are delivering quality teachers to the independent and faith-based school sector.

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