Response to The Fair Work Act 2009 Consultation Paper

A Voice for Christian Education

Response to The Fair Work Act 2009 Consultation Paper

AACS have submitted a Response to Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) Consultation Paper “Updating the Fair Work Act 2009 to provide stronger protections for workers against discrimination”.

The DEWR Consultation Paper includes commentary regarding ‘Options for reform – Anti-discrimination measures’ noting the extensive range of laws dealing with discrimination in employment areas across the Commonwealth and state and territory laws.
AACS agrees tht this array of laws and overlap ‘results in a complex and fragmented scheme that is confusing and difficult for both employers and employees to understand and navigate.’

AACS have indicated in their submission that it is premature for the Government to introduce amendments to the anti-discrimination framework of the Fair Work Act until the ALRC review has handed its final report to the Government at the end of the year.
AACS requested that any proposed changes to the FW Act be accompanied by extensive public consultation following the Government’s response to the final ALRC report.

Read the AACS Submission HERE