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Community Speaks Volume

A family chose to send their two high school aged children to our College without previously having contact with our community, coming from a public school. After being with us for about a year, their father was suddenly killed in a car accident. Our College supported the students through the established care and support structures as well as through the loving relationships that had developed in their time with us.

Nearly a year later a new family approached us regarding enrolling their Primary children who were attending a public Primary school. They were part of the social circle of the deceased father and were so impacted by the care that our College had provided for the children that they wanted their children to be part of it. In particular, they had identified that one of their children had a strong desire for social justice and a heart for others and they wanted her to be in a school that would foster that. The family don't have a church background or a faith of their own but they acknowledged that our Christian worldview was a key factor in their choice.'

Garry Maynard

Principal Cornerstone Christian College, WA