Church Community Restoration Project

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Church Community Restoration Project

AACS is pleased to partner with other Christian organisations such as Alphacrucis College, Mission Australia, the Bible Society, Compassion and World Vision as part of the Community Church Restoration Project to bring the enduring Christian message of love, reconciliation and hope to the Australian people—to provide education and the pursuit of wisdom to hearts and minds, to help restore purpose and joy to those in despair, and in humility to listen to the needs of all, whether those in our community or those in government.

Yesterday we met with the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader and were encouraged by their messages - about the importance of Christian values such as caring for each other and forgiveness to help bond us together in our recovery as a nation from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although our schools and families have faced challenging times throughout 2020 and the year ahead, we are inspired by the words of the Psalmist:

“…For He will rescue the poor when they cry to Him, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will have compassion on the weak and the needy, and He will rescue them. He will redeem them from oppression and from violence, for their lives are precious to him.” (Psalm 72:12-14)