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Cardus Education Survey

Please join us for the launch of the Cardus Education Survey Australia Project. Join host, Mark McCrindle, Cardus Executive Vice President, Ray Pennings, and Assistant Professor, Albert Cheng, as they launch the landmark findings of this survey. The project explored the responses of nearly 5,000 millennial graduates (aged 25-39) from a nationally representative sample of Government, Catholic, Independent and Christian schools.

Register here for the webinar, 4:00 PM AEST, Wednesday 26 August 2020.

Be prepared to be challenged, inspired and encouraged by the results as we explore how schools have shaped millennials and their contribution to the common good in Australia.

The study explores how our schools, in partnership with the family and community, have shaped Millennials as persons. Are they involved in civic and political causes? Do they give or volunteer in their community? Are they religious? Have our schools prepared them for social responsibility and meaningful contributions to culture as well as academic success and career pathways? Discover the insights the Report reveals about our millennial graduates and the type of adults they’ve become.