ALRC Consultation Paper released

A Voice for Christian Education

ALRC Consultation Paper released

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has released its Consultation Paper which you can read HERE.

The Paper sets out four general propositions supported by 14 technical proposals for reform. If adopted, these proposals would result in far reaching changes to federal anti-discrimination laws which would remove many of the vital protections Christian schools rely upon to:

AACS are deeply disapointed by the ALRC proposals, which represent a bold incursion on freedom of association and freedom of religion in Australia. They must be strongly opposed by Christian schools and other faith groups. 

AACS encouraged current and past Christian school parents, teachers and students to complete the confidential survey provided by the ALRC for members of the public to share their views and experiences on some key questions relevant to the Inquiry. 

For an in-depth legal analysis of the Consultation Paper you can read Associate Professor Neil Foster's blog HERE.