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The AACS Council and Executive

 Councillors appointed by Christian Education National:

  AACS Council Vice-Chairperson - Yvonne Bradley (Company Secretary, Christian Education National Ltd) 

  AACS Council Honorary Treasurer - Martin Bent  (WA) 

  John Metcalfe (Principal, Plenty Valley Christian College, Vic (from 2017))


Councillors appointed by individual member schools:

 AACS Council Chairperson - Graeme Irwin (Executive Principal, St Philip's Christian Education Foundation Ltd,  Newcastle, NSW) 

  Lynne Doneley (Chief Executive Officer, Associated Christian Schools (ACS), Qld)


Executive Staff:

  AACS Council Secretaryand Executive Officer - Martin Hanscamp ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

  Executive Assistant - Christine Paech ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Statement of Executive Responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining a clear focus on the charter/objects of the Association.

  2. Establishing, maintaining and reviewing the strategic intentions and priorities.

  3. Monitoring member expectations, policy positions and concerns.

  4. Monitoring risks to the Association material, litigable or perceived.

  5. Ensuring the full implementation of any current Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).

  6. Negotiating any new Memoranda of Understanding as appropriate.

  7. Receiving financial reports and annual audited accounts from CEN as outlined in the MOU and reporting to the membership at the AGM.

  8. Receiving reports from the Executive Officer in respect of the strategic intentions and priorities.

  9. Requiring the Executive Officer to be accountable under the agreed terms of engagement.


Statement of Executive Limitations:

Without excessively limiting executive discretion in pursuit of the strategic intentions (both external and internal) of the Association, the following statements identify areas of potential risk that, in the course of his/her duties, the Executive Officer should have due regard in protecting the organisation from unnecessary exposure. In the exercise of these limitations, the application of the test of reasonableness will be the measure applied

  1. Making statements of personal interpretation/opinion outside the broad policy remit and strategic intentions of the Council.2.Committing the member schools to a position that is known to be potentially divisive.3.Taking a public position on an issue that is specifically party political in its focus.

  2. Taking action or making statements that are potentially litigable.

  3. Committing the organisation to financial obligations significantly beyond or outside the budget provisions without specific authorisation of the Council.

  4. Using or permitting access to the Association mailing list for the financial benefit of an individual or profit-making entity without the express authorisation of the Council.

  5. Protecting the confidentiality of schools data and the privacy of personal data held by AACS.


 Executive Officer Job Description:

The role of the Executive Officer is:

  1. To implement the strategic intentions (both external and internal) established and approved by the AACS Council

  2. To educate and inform officers and directors of member schools by regular newsletter, website updates, support packs and copies of submissions.

  3. To provide resources to officers and directors of member schools in the form of strategies and sample arguments, core information and the like that will enable them to be effective in their own political advocacy.

  4. To be a voice for member schools on issues under public debate.

  5. To make regular representations in respect to membership of AACS to appropriate schools and groups.


MartinCroppedMartin Hanscamp 
Executive Officer AACS