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AACS Board and Executive


Graeme Irwin (Chair)

John Lyndon (Treasurer)

Neil David (Secretary)

Dr Tina Lamont

John Metcalfe

Simon Herd

Executive Staff

AACS Executive Officer - Alithea Westerman

AACS Public Advocate - Erik Hofsink

 Executive Duties:

  1. To implement the strategic intentions (both external and internal) established and approved by the AACS Council

  2. To educate and inform officers and directors of member schools by regular newsletter, website updates, support packs and copies of submissions.

  3. To provide resources to officers and directors of member schools in the form of strategies and sample arguments, core information and the like that will enable them to be effective in their own political advocacy.

  4. To be a voice for member schools on issues under public debate.

  5. To make regular representations in respect to membership of AACS to appropriate schools and groups.