A Voice for Christian Education

A "positive right" for Christian Schools

More than 2,200 signed postcards have been delivered to the Prime Minister in conjunction with the launch of a new campaign for a “positive right” for Christian schools and other religious educational institutions.

This comes off the back of the ‘Faith In Our Future’ town halls organised in response to the controversial recommendations released by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC).

The postcards, each bearing a signature and a message remind the Prime Minister of his commitment that religious freedom protections “will not go backwards”.

Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer of AACS said “Religious educational institutions don’t want to live with the constant threat of litigation from activists who want to undermine faith in our society - Christian schools want to focus on providing quality education.”

It is time for the Government to deliver on its election commitment to allow religious educational institutions to continue operating as genuine communities of faith.

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